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OSU Lima Student Life Building.jpg

The Ohio State University - Lima Campus

New Student Life Building - Controls Installation

Woodward Opera House.jpg

Woodward Opera House

Renovation - Controls Installation

BV West School.jpg

Buckeye Valley West Elementary School

New Construction - Temperature Control and BAS/Frontend

BV East School.png

Buckeye Valley East Elementary School

Additions and Renovation - Temperature Control and BAS/Frontend

Buckeye Valley Middle School.jpg

Buckeye Valley Middle School

HVAC Renovation - Temperature Control and BAS/Frontend

Shelby City Schools.jpg

Shelby City Schools

HVAC Renovation - Controls Installation and BAS/Frontend Upgrade

Mansfield Correctional Institution (ManCI).jpg

Mansfield Correctional Institution (ManCI)

Energy Upgrades - Phase I & II

Fire Alarm System Repairs

IT Fiber Upgrade

Electrical Upgrades Controls

Camp BAS/Frontend Upgrade

Concrete and Drainage Repairs

Richland Correctional Institution (RiCI)

Energy Upgrades - Phase I & II

BAS/Frontend Installation

Freezer and Cooler Upgrades

Marion Correctional Institution (MCI).jpg

Marion Correctional Institution (MCI)

Recovery Services Renovation

Door and Access Ramp Upgrades

Bennett Cooper Reentry Center (BCRC).jpg

Bennett Cooper Reentry Center (BCRC)

HVAC Upgrades Phase II

Front Entry Doors Renovation

BAS/Frontend Installation

AHU/Condensing Unit Renovation and Controls

Diffuser/Grille Removal and Replacement - Buildings B/C/D

Dayton Correctional Institution (DCI).jpg

Dayton Correctional Institution (DCI)

Fire Damper Inspections

Air Handler Unit (AHU) Replacement and Controls

Exhaust Fan Upgrades

Security Doors for Infirmary and Mental Health

Southeastern Correctional Institution (SCI)

Sallyport Access Door and Gate Control

Fire Damper Replacement

Door Replacement

Dental Lab Renovation

Control Room Upgrade - Hocking Campus

Correctional Reception Center (CRC).jpg

Corrections Reception Center (CRC)

HVAC Control Repairs

Lift Pump Upgrade and Controls

Control Center Upgrades

Corrections Training Center (CTA).JPG

Corrections Training Academy (CTA)

BAS/Frontend Installation

Parkview Building Plumbing and Piping Replacement and Controls

HVAC and BAS/Frontend Upgrades

Pickaway Correctional Institution (PCI)

Intellistation Installation

Programs Building - Condensing Unit Upgrade and Controls

FHC - AHU/BLR BAS/Frontend Upgrades

Nurse Call System and Door Control Upgrades

Franklin Medical Center (FMC).jpg

Franklin Medical Center (FMC)

Boiler Replacement

Shower Renovation Zone B